Becoming a butterfly…

I was sitting outside on this beautiful spring day, enjoying the blooming crabapple trees, redbuds, and daffodils. A small white butterfly fluttered around me and shared the following story about a special little angel.

In a place where time does not matter, a precious little soul lived in complete joy. She was so full of love and light. She really was more like a light, a beautiful light that is beyond description. She felt the presence of many other souls around her and she was completely immersed in the love that they shared freely. There was also a very special light that was so infinite and awesome that all the other lights referred to it as God. All the souls wanted to be very close to God’s light and love, and that of course brought them all even closer together.

God approached this precious little soul one day, and complimented her on her mastery of loving and being loved. He said, “You are so special, and I love you so much. I want to share you with others so that you can teach them to love and be loved.” the little soul said, “God, I love you so much, and would do anything to please you.” God explained that the little soul could come to the earth school to teach other souls how to love and be loved. “In order, to go to the earth school”, he explained, “you would have to be born into a physical body that would cause you much suffering. And you will have to leave light and love you experience here.” The little soul cried. “But God, I want to be here with you always. I love you so much.” She immediately felt a pang of guilt for being even a little bit selfish. You see she was so aware that real love is only experienced with complete selflessness. This convinced her that, even she, the master of loving and being loved, could learn even more about loving completely, and unconditionally by visiting the earth school herself.

God made some promises. First of all, she would be given many guides and angels to help her on her journey. Secondly, she could choose her parents and family. Thirdly, she would only have to stay a few years or as long as she could stand to suffer in her physical shell.

She chose the perfect mommy. Her mommy loved her so much, and she understood what her needs were. But the little soul knew that she could make her mommy even better by being her teacher. She took this task very seriously and was so happy to have a mommy and a whole family that she could love so much. And they loved her very much too. They shared a special bond that reminded the little soul of the bond that she had with God. And as it happened, the light that the little soul emitted without even knowing it touched many other people. They would say things about her like “You have a beautiful smile.” “She really lights up a room.” “She has a twinkle in her eye.” “She is an old soul.” They did not really understand what it was, but they knew the little girl she had become was very, very special.

Even though the little soul missed the closeness she had with God, she was very happy loving and being loved on the earth school. Many angels came to visit her in her dreams to give her encouragement and support. However, it did not take too long before her physical shell started have difficulties. She felt pain in her head, and most of the time, she just ignored it and continued to smile and play. But eventually, the pain got worse. Her mommy did not know what was the matter at first. The doctors tried to give her medicine to fix her physical shell. Before long mommy and many, many others, began to pray to God for the little girl's healing. God answered their prayers. The little soul was healed and became more and more selfless despite her physical pain. The little soul learned that she, the master of loving and being loved, could make a great sacrifice in order to teach others how to love and be loved. God was so proud of the strides that the little soul made on the earth school. He also saw what a great teacher she had become. She had reached out to so many people. People in every part of the earth school were impacted by the lessons that the little soul taught, especially her mommy.

Finally, the angels pleaded with God to bring the little soul home. You see, the little soul resisted their calls because she had become a real master of loving and being loved. She no longer wanted what felt good to her. She wanted to love and help others by teaching them how to appreciate life more fully. She knew that there was so much work to be done on the earth school. She resolved that all the pain and suffering she could endure was worth teaching even one person how to love and be loved.

Finally, God himself came to her in her dreams and reminded her of the beautiful light and love that awaited her at home. During these dreams, the little soul was comforted so much even though she felt so much pain from the fear and worries of the earth souls.

The little girl remembered how hard it was to be born into the earth school. She did not want to leave her home with God then, and it was so painful when she had to gasp for her first breath of air. So many earth souls worried about her, and that made her concerned. God told her not to be afraid about being born back into the light. Even though her physical shell would appear to be suffering, her soul would be set free soon. Her soul would soar like an eagle right into the light, free of all pain and suffering.

He told her to remember the beautiful butterflies that she loved to watch on sunny days outside. He reminded her that the caterpillar encased itself into a dark cocoon. Once the caterpillar was ready to be transformed, it broke out of its shell destroying the home it had grown accustomed to. But once it did, the butterfly was free to fly and bask in the light, enjoy the sweetest nectar, and immerse itself in the beauty that surrounded it. God told her that soon, very soon, she would fly like a butterfly again. All she needed to do was to immerse herself in the light, God’s light. The little soul liked this idea very much.

She did just as God told her. She focused on the light, and surprisingly, the more she did that she began to feel less pain and she became less afraid. Finally, she completely forgot all about her pain and her shell. She began to feel lighter and she floated then soared right into the light. She eventually found herself right back at home with God surrounded by all the loving souls and God’s beautiful light. It was so much easier than being born into the earth school!

Her mommy was very sad to see her physical shell suffer so. It was very difficult to watch her little girl struggle for her last gasps of air. And even though it was very hard, her mommy stayed right by her side and gave her so much love that it set her free. All the earth souls, including her mommy were very, very sad that she left them. Their hearts ached for her physical presence, even though they knew in their hearts that the little soul was happier now that she was freed of her shell.

The little soul's light shined ever so brightly because she was the truly the master of loving and being loved. She felt beautiful and free and so, so happy. She was not sad at all about leaving the earth school because she knew that she could return often. And now she had a reason to also. She would show up in the most beautiful places she could pick, and also send lots of love to her mommy and family and friends. She would always be there as long as the earth souls were willing to look. She would be a beautiful sunset, a twinkling star, a rainbow, and most definitely a butterfly.

The sounds of wrens and cardinals singing brought my attention back to all the beauty that surrounded me. The little white butterfly fluttered by again. And whispered this in my ear, "please share this story with all you can. So many fear the change. They fear loss and suffering. Please let them know they should never fear becoming a butterfly." A gentle breeze blew, and the little soul flew gracefully away promising to return.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

A Poem

To A Butterfly -by William Wordsworth

I've watched you now a full half-hour;
Self-poised upon that yellow flower
And, little Butterfly! indeed
I know not if you sleep or feed.
How motionless!--not frozen seas
More motionless! and then
What joy awaits you, when the breeze
Hath found you out among the trees,
And calls you forth again!
This plot of orchard-ground is ours;
My trees they are, my Sister's flowers;
Here rest your wings when they are weary;
Here lodge as in a sanctuary!
Come often to us, fear no wrong;
Sit near us on the bough!
We'll talk of sunshine and of song,
And summer days, when we were young;
Sweet childish days, that were as long
As twenty days are now.


Lord of light and love, thank you for sending us such special angels that teach us the lessons we truly need to learn. Even though I tell them often, please let all the angels know how much we love them…Aidan, Austin, Danny, Matthew, Bennett, and especially a special little angel who has returned home to you recently. Surround all the earth souls, especially those closest to these angels, with lots of love and light and give them the peace that is beyond understanding. Amen.


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