How we began

The Blue Butterfly Fund was created to pass along the generosity and care that was extended to the Sterling family during their son's cancer treatment and after his passing. Through the Blue Butterfly Fund, Bennett Sterling lives on in the spirit of goodwill, hope and love.

What we do

The Blue Butterfly Fund provides funds to assist families with the cost of travel, non-covered medical fees, and general living expenses that are often sacrificed by a family whose child has cancer. Additionally, we provide emotional and spiritual support through our prayer page and monthly Butterfly Blessings.

Why blue butterflies?

Butterflies are a universal symbol of hope. And blue is the color of healing. Blue butterflies became a symbol of hope for us for during Bennett's treatment. On our most trying and difficult days, we would search for blue butterflies in the hospital (on the shirts of nurses, stickers on windows, artwork, magazines, books), and we always found them. They were like special messages from the angels and God. On better days, we were delighted to see them alive in nature! Click here to read how blue butterflies became a symbol of hope for us.