What is a Butterfly Blessing?

A Butterfly Blessing is a story from nature or everyday life that recognizes and demonstrates a simple blessing, a life lesson, or examines our relationship to God. Sometimes the blessing will include relevant quotes and/or scripture and a prayer. I hope that you will consider sharing your own blessings as well.

Smiles given and received


by Elizabeth Sterling

This Christmas I have been given so much joy from the smiles that I have given and smiles I have received. This morning, Christmas eve, the FedEx man arrives at my door with a huge grin saying, “Merry Christmas.” I thought to myself, “what a gift that he has given me today. He has to work today and probably has a lot of deliveries to make but he took the time to smile.” I was so focused on finishing up one of my Christmas gifts, that I really wasn’t focusing at all at what matters most. That smile woke me up!

Later, I was walking with Jude down our street when I heard a horn honking over and over. My first thought was, “Oh great, someone is being obnoxious!” I could hear the engine of the vehicle just around the corner. And I prepared myself to jump off the road at the last minute if need be. Then, Santa came cruising by on a Harley with Christmas music blaring. Jude and I waved, and Santa waved back. And I couldn’t help but be happy and smile. What a gift I was given! And I thought about that gift a lot. Here is some stranger giving me a gift that probably didn’t cost too much (if it weren’t for the gas!), but what a difference it made to me and Jude! What a gift it is to smile or be smiled at.

This Christmas, John and I decided not to send out traditional Christmas cards and use the money and time to help reunite the Morgan family who have been separated for 2 years because their 10-year old daughter, Shannia, is being treated at St. Jude Children’s Hospital for complications from a severe form of sickle cell anemia. I received a call yesterday from the mom and dad to say that the father and brother arrived safely to the States. Their joy was evident and infectious. I was grinning from ear to ear at the thought of this family being together again. Take a minute to think about what the Morgans feel like. That is joy! That is love!

We spread that through the smiles we give and receive! We don’t get these gifts in boxes wrapped with pretty ribbons, but they are what Christmas has been about for me this year. May you be blessed with a smile, a hug, and a kiss this Christmas!

Does anyone really need help smiling?!?

Love and blessings~




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